Why More And More People Are Going For Liposuction

By Bernulf Morris

Being over weight is probably the most common problem today, and people throughout the world are constantly looking for successful and safe weight loss methods. One of the methods using surgery to relieve the body of excess fat is liposuction.

In this technique, excess fat from particular areas of the body is removed by inserting a suction device called cannula after making a small cut in the body. There are a lot of benefits of Liposuction when compared with other techniques of reducing weight.

The most important advantage of liposuction is that it is a faster method of losing weight. Majority of the techniques of weight loss demand strict adherence to a fixed routine and regularity in dieting and working out for months at a stretch, which generally is quite tough to stay motivated about for a long time. Whereas, lipo allows you to get rid of extra fat in no time and it is not difficult to maintain your shape after the surgery by simply adhering to a healthy way of life.

There are a number of side effects of methods like strict dieting, which can pose many health risks. This is not what happens with liposuction, which is a practically risk free technique and does not have any significant side effects. The bruises or marks left by surgery exist just for a short time and are not permanent.

Besides, liposuction is especially effective in extracting fat from certain areas of the body like thighs and the chin that can't be properly dealt with by other techniques. Liposuction can in fact ensure significant reduction of fat from any part of the human body.

Lipo might have a number of advantages, but it must be remembered that it is a surgical procedure. It is advisable that before you decide on whether to go for the procedure, you take suggestions from an experienced physician and make sure that the process won't have any adverse effects on your body. Moreover, keep in mind that the surgery might require you to take a brief period of rest from work before getting back to normal routine. - 29882

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Remove Scar, Gain Self-Esteem

By Karen Garcia

Acne scars have a fatalistic effect on the physical and psychological capacity of a person. A good number of us, in our freewheeling time of youth, may have suffered from an acute case of acne; it is one of those miserable and soul-scathing personal rites of passage most of us meet head on while growing up. For starters, we had to contend with the crimson pimples, and then, we had to endure the scarring that is eventually left behind.

Bacteria are acknowledged as the main cause of zits. Bacteria thrive on skin pores that are blocked with dirt and sebum.

After the pimples disappear, scars usually remain as a reminder of those irritating skin breakouts. Some acne scars fade with time. Yet, some acne scars will not lighten, and we are left with the feeling that we are somehow imperfect.

There are 4 basic types of scarring caused by acne. Ice pick scars got their name because they leave pit-like marks on the skin's surface. Boxcar scars are commonly found on the sides of the head and the cheeks, and they could look like scars left after a case of varicella (that is, chickenpox). Keloidal and hypertrophic scars could be easily identified because of their raised exteriors. Rolling scars look like shallow hollows on the skin.

Academic studies point out that facial scarring can have heavy psychological influence on a person, such as low sense of self-worth, depression, and suicidal tendencies.

But there is no need to lose hope just yet. There are now a number of technological developments for the treatment of facial scars caused by acne. Some of these treatment methods use a form of laser therapy. Other treatment methods and procedures require some form of dermabrasion. There are creams and subcutaneous injections available as well. Inquire from your doctor about the best facial removal and/or treatment procedure that will suit you. - 29882

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Foods That Can Help Your Skin Look Better

By Katherine Crawford M.S.

This is the truth: you could get in the best shape of your life and still have horrible looking skin.

Skin covers our bodies, and if you think about it, that's a lot of space to cover. Thus, anything going wrong inside your body will immediately show on the outside. And figuring out how to make your skin look its best can be quite the challenge.

So without further ado, here are some ultra effective foods for making your skin look great:

1. Tomatoes and watermelon: The key here is the intense red color which indicates high concentrations of lycopene. This substance does a wonderful job at counteracting the negative effects of sun damage because it scoops up oxidized particles. Add some tomatoes and watermelon to your next salad and you are good to go.

2. Seafood: Seafood has selenium which is a very potent anti cancer agent and also staves off the damage the sun can inflict on your skin. The fattier cuts of seafood like salmon and herring have lots of omega 3's which reduce inflammation and redness.

3. Monounsaturated cold pressed oils: The top choice here is olive oil. You see, olive oil will not break down at high temperatures, has lots of anti oxidants and does a great job at keeping skin oily which gives you the youthful glow.

4. Almonds: Why are almonds good for the skin? Because they pack a lot of vitamin E which can help prevent the degradation of elastin. Elastin is a compound that prevents the formation of wrinkles. And wrinkles are a tell tale sign of aged skin.

5. Extremely dark berries: You see, dark berries are more likely to have collagen, a substance that keeps connective tissue nice and healthy. And healthy connective tissue will keep your muscles and skin tight, the perfect recipe for reducing wrinkles.

Now the key here is to start implementing these foods in your diet TODAY. Don't put off acting on this information or you will most likely forget it! - 29882

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What's Permanent Hair Removal?

By Mark A. Abrahams

Permanent hair removal seems to have turn into an very important procedure that is focused upon because a lot of people need their hair removed from completely different elements of their body. Of course the procedure requires proper medical supervision and is not all that straightforward as it really sounds. Some individuals tend to get additional hair growth on their body. Facial hair becomes an vital trouble and in such instances several individuals really wish all their body hair removed permanently and this procedure looks to have gained quite a level of importance everywhere in the world.

Earlier perhaps such medical procedures were not terribly targeted upon however currently new and higher technologies are actually being developed and in all such instances hair removal has become an wonderful possibility. Also importantly, all these procedures are to be conducted under strict medical supervision and this is what makes this whole method much more easier to trust. People are no longer fearful of choosing such cosmetic changes as a result of it has become safer and easier than and not as difficult as it used to be bafore. More and more folks have started trusting doctors and skin specialists who counsel such varieties of permanent hair removal that will be worked upon.

Conjointly the reason why this has taken such an increasing relevance in today's day and time is because of the easy reality that many individuals are terribly conscious of how they look. Since there is such a target appearances it becomes relevant to list out that everybody is ready to undergo medical processes to look more good-looking and feel greater about their looks. In fact it becomes troublesome to continuously go in for waxing and temporary hair removal as a result of folks who have excess hair growth perennially suffer from the problem of obtaining rid of an excessive amount of hair. The simplest and best solution is to proceed in for permanent hair removal.

All this unique features and medical innovations have simply added to the recognition of the entire procedure which makes it so much relevant and important. However it is always integral to keep in mind that hair removal permanently can not be done simply and quickly and the elaborate process is involved which requires a lot of work on the part of the doctor. Hair growth is primarily an inside issue and stopping it can't be too easy. This can be the most reason why supervision must be carried out and aftercare has to be ensured for permanent hair removal to take place.

There are many cosmetic centers and skin specialist places which focuses on coming up with better technology when it comes to permanent hair removal. The idea and concept is great and very innovative and needs a precise supervision. Correct medication also requires to be applied among different key features which become completely relevant for permanent hair removal to take place properly. Thus anyone affected by this type of complications can hope to get their issues worked upon with such treatments which will be extraordinarily effective.

Permanent hair removal is currently being offered by many of medical centers and individuals who want to ensure that customers walk in for better treatment and wonderful remedies and this is where all of this appears to have become extremely relevant. It's always an important idea to make sure that correct medication and procedures are followed so that hair removal is really ensured. Nowadays it is easy for anyone suffering from this kind of an acute hair growth problem to truly go ahead and get themselves properly checked therefore that everything is properly medically taken care of. - 29882

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Natural Mole Removal Proves Better Than Surgery

By Aaron Lilly

If you go to a dermatologist to remove a mole rest assured they will only recommend surgery. But it wouldn't hurt to ask them why they are against natural methods.

Doctors have as much to gain for recommending surgery as do the manufacturers of these natural products. So why would you opt for surgery if a natural option works better and is much cheaper? By educating yourself about the benefits and risks of these alternatives, you are increasing your chances of making the best decision you can to remove your moles.

Both surgery and natural mole removal are effective means to get rid of your moles. The first thing that you might not want to leave to chance before removing a mole is finding out if it's cancerous. If your mole is an atypical mole, meaning it's got irregular borders, irregular coloring ,is larger than common moles and has been confirmed by your doctor and a biopsy to be cancerous, then surgery might be the best way of removal.

If non-cancerous, your best bet is using a natural mole removal cream. It is safer and much easier than surgery, simply apply it to the mole and allow the remedy to do the rest. Bloodroot should be the main ingredient in any effective mole removal remedy as it has been the most researched and used in alternative medicine then any other herb for mole removal.

Aside from saving your skin from a snip to take out a mole, natural mole removal is far more convenient and cheaper than surgery. You can do the treatment at home at a small fraction of the cost of surgery.

While scarring can be an issue with surgery, natural mole removal has seen faster results and healing without scarring among those who have used this method. There are also possibilities of moles reappearing after surgery, which is not the case for the natural alternative.

In terms of safety, choose products which are clinic tested and use 100% organic ingredients. Won't using a natural product give you more peace of mind than being given local anesthetic, which is typical with surgery?

To sum it all up, hundreds of thousands of people around the world have benefited from natural home mole removal. So before deciding on surgery to remove your mole, make sure you are aware that there could be a simpler and better solution. - 29882

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Is Sunscreen Safe?

By Rosemarie Hickey

Over the last decade, the sale of sunscreen has increased significantly throughout the world. People are becoming more concerned about their skin and are trying to prevent the diseases that are associated with sun overexposure. Most sunblock formulas sold on the market today contain chemicals. However, natural formulas also exist which claim to be skin friendly and do not pose any threat to our health.

One chemical ingredient commonly found in sunblock is oxybenzone. This compound helps block UVA radiation. In order to best protect your skin, you will need to use a broad spectrum sunscreen which blocks out both UVA and UVB rays. Despite the fact that this compound is beneficial, it also has some side effects associated with its use. Medical studies have concluded that it is a skin irritant, and is linked with the development of allergies and cancer. In addition, women who used products containing oxybenzone had a greater likelihood of having an underweight baby.

Fortunately, a few natural cosmetic manufacturers have formulated chemical free sunscreen. These formulas are broad spectrum and block out both UVA and UVB rays. They use non toxic natural compounds such as zinc oxide, green tea, and titanium dioxide which are safe enough to be used by pregnant women. In most natural sunblock formulas, several ingredients are combined so that the formula can achieve full spectrum protection.

Green tea is an herb, and many scientific studies have documented its many health benefits. It is a powerful antioxidant and studies have demonstrated its benefits in lowering cholesterol, treating acne, and fighting cancer and heart disease. In addition, it has also been shown to improve the health of our skin. This botanical plant is used in sunscreen formulas since it helps repair sun damaged skin. Topical green tea does not block UV rays but instead reduces inflammation. This compound is combined with other natural agents to offer broad spectrum protection.

Another common chemical used in sunscreen is oxybenzone. This compound has been found to cause hormonal imbalance, allergies, and cancer. It is irritating to the skin and should not be used by those who suffer from acne and rosacea. In addition, some studies have shown that pregnant mothers who were exposed to this chemical had a greater likelihood to have an underweight baby. For the sake of the health of your child, avoid any products containing this chemical!

Zinc oxide is another important compound that is added to natural sunscreen formulas. This compound is a mineral found in the earth's surface and is a white colored powder. It has been found to offer the broadest protection of any compound, either natural or chemical, to block ultraviolet radiation. This compound is the only one used in sunblock that offers both UVA and UVB protection. Zinc oxide will not cause any allergic skin reactions and it can be used safely by women who are pregnant. In addition, it is the only compound used in sunscreen formulas that is approved by the FDA that can be used on children under 6 months of age.

Since skin cancer is on the rise, we need to do all we can to protect our skin from ultraviolet radiation. Despite the fact that the chemicals in sunscreen are dangerous for our skin and overall health, we still need to apply something to it to help safeguard it from the sun's harmful rays. Avoid being outdoors during peak hours of the day when the suns rays are at their strongest. By following the important tips listed above, we will be doing all we can to help protect our skin and give it the daily amount of sunlight it needs to produce Vitamin D. - 29882

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Juvederm For Wrinkles

By John Kirzno

There's nothing wrong with wanting to look beautiful and rejuvenated all the time. Looking and feeling good about yourself helps to boost your self confidence enabling you to face all kinds of situations that this life can bring your way.

There are many wrinkle reducers and wrinkle solutions to help you look younger. Among those products newly approved by the FDA is a facial filler that's made of hyaluronic acid called Juvederm. Reviews show that this kind of filler is highly effective and is known to last longer than others.

The conventional ingredient used in other facial fillers was collagen. Juvederm, on the other hand, uses hyaluronic acid instead of collagen to give that skin a plump look. It offers us a substance that can naturally be found in our body to give the same kind of effect that collagen does. Since it's not synthetic, most people can use it right away without the need to undergo various allergy tests before having it administered.

Juvederm is easily administered and is injected like any other dermal filler or wrinkle reducer. The benefits are seen right away as there is an immediate change on the appearance of the wrinkles and creases being treated. As far as risks are concerned, since Juvederm is a natural substance that's also present in the human body, it's proven not to induce allergic reactions. One will obtain the normal swelling on the sites where the injections were made, but this will subside in a very short span of time.

The cost for having Juvederm fillers vary depending on the person who's going to give you treatment as well as the state or area you live in. However, you must make sure that the quality and credibility of the clinic you choose meets the standards set forth by law. More often, lower cost sometimes means fewer guarantees. So, it pays to do the research and find someone who is experienced in the administration of Juvederm. After all, you want to look good. Once you find a dermatologist you are comfortable with, he or she can tell you if Juvederm is the best option for you. - 29882

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